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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


we have been assigned to make a shortclips of 'MISTER PIP" by Lloyd we go...!!!

:: cite ni pasal african american people that was set in a war and ade la sket2 pasal confrontation between whites and Black..about life of children that only blaja ng the only one book 'Great Expectation ' by Charles Dicken. Mr watts aja diorang based on this book..bnyak telling us bout life la dlm cite ni and bout sacrifice,dignity as well as tragedy..
~ aft scanning the important part,ktorang pun work on it~
starting the shoot on saturday and sunday, pastu editing on tsday up till 4 am..wargh..and finally....we presenting...'Mister PIP' at 10.45 am today'
...sangt2 la penat, siap pnjam budak palapis tuh 2 orang..Rahman and Mizi (tomey..syngnya tunang org..melepas ak..wawa..=p)..thanks alot la kat they all,actly diorng mmg pnting dlm every scene..yg lg best, bile topeq betul2 kene pkul..hahha...then,with the makeup nk suh nmpak real as african american...mcm...