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Saturday, August 28, 2010

~no more nor less~

What am i thinking right now:

1) Takuya Kimura [he's so sweet perhaps]
2) can i keep taking USANA continuously
3) Do i have enough time for my MOrPholoGY, PragmAticS, plus AMeriCan LIt and ENglish also eTHIcS???
4)Am i to skinny??? hope nope!? hmm..
5) thinking of our friendships that will never ends...remain forever!! GAMBATE guys~
6) ehm, nasi kukus ke nasi lauk2???hmmm

What i AIM for:

1) Being in the list of 1st class degree on my convocation day..=)
2) Get a great job that suits me enough and boost me up!
3) Suzuki Swift Sport eDition
4) Get my full license within this Sem..[ it a MUST]
5) chaiyorkk! 45 kg. yeah....
6) go for backpacking before i settle down---> island, mountains, cities..anywhere
7) being a big shot! [perasannn..haha]
8) specials for abah mama. muahh2!

What i hope for and What i dream of::

~~banyk sngat..tak terlist..hehe..but because of baru lepas tgok Takuya Kimura..then i dream and wish for a prince charming that::

--> Taller than me, tak gemuk n tak kurus..just "delicious2 to hugs" hehe~
--> a degree holder at least
--> can afford me and feed me up if im a "household manager" [ i said if..ofkos im not gonna sacrifice my sweet and sweat during undergrad..=p]
--> sedap mata memandang..
--> cool and not such a typical malay guy[ hehe,i choose to marry a malay guy but the one who laen dr yg laen]
--> shoes and handbags every two months [ kite ok la tu tak mintak monthly,haha]
--> relax and can accept my big family,also my frens!!
--> Understanding and someone that i freely can talk to, mendengar saya..
--> who can read my languages: bila merajuk, bile tersentuh, bile mengade2, bile marah,
bile suke, bile sedih, bile menyampah, bile bengang...who knows me well and can cheer me up in any situation.
--> ehm...aku sayang kamu...kamu cinta aku...
# for me.. find someone that u can live with not someone that u cant live without because end up u will get urself before others..u can love someone and being loved but at least leave some part in ur heart to u ur self because u may be left..

haish..ape ntah aku mengarut ni..haha..but maybe berguna gak untuk sape2 yang bace..hehe~