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Friday, July 16, 2010

Tepung Gomok #4

i hate people who make decision for me without my concern...!!
who am i they thought...?? pliz..dun use me on my " x kesah"..because smtimes i do "kesah"...
people talk through intonation,body language and expression pliz be sensitive sometimes..

I always put u guys in front..have tried as much as i can to not to hurt u guys but do u guys care of me?..sometimes ya..tq when there's no others,so u guys wil come to usual..and i juz smile..but when everyone is around,i am the last person u guys think dat fair enough..???..

whateva thingy dat i hurt on,dat i felt for,dat i get through with...and i feel uncomfortable.. i juz let it go..dun bawak ke hati la..because of..u guys are da people dat i love and care of..

but at think of me and what wil i feel sometimes...hmm...if we realize, nobody cares on what i feel but not the others...because i always put a smile on my face in whateva situation..i always put a laugh in my than u guys just take it for granted..hmm..i never scolded..yup i do sometimes but not in front of u guys..only within me..maybe thats my fault because never show it before..never actually expressing my feeling...but as i said, paople do talk tru plizzzzz!!

hmm..i hope i can be da one who always please others...


Syira Khairi said...

amboi marahnye.. mara kat sape ni? kite ke? huu

nadz_teyn said...

ish...mane ade..xkn kt syira kot..