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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Confession

Salam & Hye


Have you guys tried making any confession to anyone?

Bagitau kawan that kau yang jatuhkan kasut sekolah dia yang baru kapur?
Bagitau cikgu yang kau calarkan kereta dia sebab bengang dia denda kau jalan itik keliling sekolah?
Bagitau parents yang kau sebenarnya lepak shisha dengan kawan-kawan sampai pagi dekat kedai arab bukannya study group dekat rumah member?
Bagitau your crush about your 'crushing' towards him/her?

Confession paling epik pernah aku dengar was during mama's reunion last year. Tu reunion high school dia and you guys can imagine how many years since they left high school. Its ages ok. They decided to did it at the schools canteen a week after raya and all families were invited including teachers yang mengajar diorang dulu.

This one pakcik as a MC on that day make a confession dekat cikgu subjek sains pertanian. aku pun tak tau subjek tu, probably back then, subjeknya lain ikut keperluan kan. 

He said, " saya nak mintak maaf dekat cikgu sebab selalu curi telur ayam cikgu, yang hilang tu semua saya yang curi ". Semua orang gelak, after almost 30 years baru bagitau. The cikgu gelak je. Sape nak marah kan after ages. hihihi. 


Bila cakap pasal topik ni, orang akan kaitkan dengan dengan confession to a guy or a girl.
Tak ada salahnya pun buat confession ni even i always advise my friends to do the same sebab its better you confess and got rejected dari tak confess and tak dapat ape-ape.At least bila confess, ada la chance kan.

But when it comes to you urself, memang easier said than done. Jangan main serkap je sebab sebenarnya kan effect a good relationship that already built up with your crush. Confidence tu amat penting dan lapangkan rasa bila dah buat. Ready for any consequences, positive or negative, just live with it!

Here's the TIPS on how to tell your crush you like him when you lack of confidence.

1) Make sure you really have a crush on him
Ni point paling penting sebab if the confession turns out positively, then baru kau realize yang apa kau rasa tu tak betul, dah haru biru jadinya. Melainkan to your best-tingtong-masak sangat perangai ko-buddy-crazy-damn best friend. Which i did, but later on la i put here the screenshot k. Dia boleh jawab:

    "Ok, ko bet dengan sape ni suruh terus terang sangat ni? ape ko nak cerita ni, cepat!"

Gigih plak aku nak kena buat macam-macam ayat nak suruh dia percaya yang aku serius. Then i finally told him that, thats not the thing la. Ade benda lain nak cerita. Pastu, tak henti-henti tiap-tiap hari text paksa aku cerita, aku buat tak tau je. Last-last dia tak tahan sangat, call aku tengah-tengah malam, paksa aku cerita. Stress aku! haha.

    [Weyh, ko keje sini la, ade geng aku nak ajak lepak]

2) Find out about his interest
Important! Then you know when is the right time to confess. What conversation can leads to it etc. Normally, when really had a crush on, you akan ambik tahu.

3) Buch Up! 
Gamble je and just go! 

4) He doesn't read your thoughts.
Oh, tak ada telepati yer. Say it! For a girl, yes! A guy should clearly say it that he likes her. Girl dont reads your mind, dont bother your hint or gestures, they want a word! But a guy, without you notices, they observe you. (-_-)". Macam dialog drama MAID when the husband said," i know, the way you react, the way you talk to me.."

5) Become his friend first
Dont admit to the strangers. Yes, you can actually but tengok kegentelman cara approach la.gentle tak gentle kan. One thing for sure, dont friendzoning the friendship, make it open.

6) Dont tell him you like him on a social media.
A big no-no. Face to face is the great choice.

7) Just DO IT!
Dont think twice, tawakal and buck up!

Risiko dia, its either putuslah friendship or positively to a serious relationship or become awkward for along time.

Kat sini, meh aku share on what do you do after confessing to a guy. aku cilok from

Salah satu answer yang menarik sket aku rasa :-

I am guessing that you are a girl. Not that I am judging or anything, but then the answer varies by leaps and bounds.
Okay, so now assuming you are a girl, let's say you have told the guy that you so dearly love about how you feel and how he means a lot you. If he looks shocked it could be because 

1.He doesn't like you back and probably even tried telling you in the past about it via his actions, which explains why it would be bewildering to him that you proposed knowing very well how he perceived this whole thing.

2.He is shocked but in a surprised way. This usually happens when the thing we expect the least takes place and it changes EVERYTHING. 

3.Last but not the least of the possible scenarios could be that he is gay, which is then a no brainer as to why he is shocked at the very thought of such a situation actually happening.
Anyways, coming to how you could persuade him and make him see your point of view. 
1.If he doesn't like you, there is little you can do. Be there for him, get to know him better, be his 4 am buddy, and so on. You get the point! Believe me, if you stick close to him he will sooner or later fall for you. More often than not guys have this thing where they fall for not the prettiest or smartest or most intelligent of women, but for the one that cares for them no matter what. 
2.If he is only shocked in a deeply surprised way, he will come around a lot sooner than you thought. You will probably hate to hear this, but all you can do in such a case is wait! Give Time some Time :)
3.And if it is the last of the above mentioned scenarios. I have only two words for you! Move on!

So, to you guys. Go and make your confession. Sebab one thing for sure, ko akan rasa lega. Everything will get better. Ko akan rasa relax and tenang and yakin, perancangan Allah adalah yang terbaik dan hanya berserah segalanya pada-Nya. 

Some people choose to confess after actually the rasa is off already because any possible answer from other party tu kita kan boleh terima, positif of negatif. Ada orang, tak sabar-sabar nak cakap. Cuma yang penting, after that, give him or her space, dont push. Elok-elok orang tu terima baik je, terus rasa nak lari jauh. Be matured and cool.

All the best to all the confessors-to-be! :)


P/S: tunggu hingga ke hujung tahun.
        Haila la awak, 3x panas kita tau!

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