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Thursday, April 14, 2016

GEE's Bridal Shower

Salam & Hye,

Gee is getting married like soonnnn!!

Tahniah tahniah tahniah, barakallah dear sahabat.

We have decided to have a small gathering before she enters new phase of life or so called bridal shower. Yes, please keep your thought that "apa nak jadi dengan budak-budak sekarang, g usrah lagi bagus" or "itu semua ikut western, lara semua tu" or maybe " ini semua tak betul, boleh pesong akidah" yada yada yada. Please keep your shallow thoughts deep down the sea before you continue read this entry. 

Ya betul, kita ikut what western people always practice, but main thing semua sama. Gathering with your friends before she's get into new life. How you making the gathering done, itu beza. If you choose to go clubbing together and after that sleep around, check in to hotel, then itu masalah la. But if you anyone near you did that, respect their style, dont just criticize. If you cant stop them doing it, then make sure yourself tak buat.

Eh, terbebel pulak. Jadi pengkritik sosial pulak hari ni.kekeke

Ok, come back to Gee's Bridal Shower.

Theme: Kurung Cotton
Venue: Secret Recipe Taylor Lake side 
Date: End of March, 2016 *cant really remember the exact date*

I have been like dah lama kot nak plan a betul-betul bridal shower for friends not just makan and dah. This time betul-betul jadi. For kawan-kawan lain memang kita buat bridal shower even for Hasbi, 2 years ago pun we did a bachelorette  party for him at Midvalley, siap buat video clips lagi. And its totally fun.

This time Ajet banyak contribute on the preparation, we planned some games, buat goody sket. Since busy dengan Farah punya wedding (Which i will post it in another entry), terus selit buatkan sweets in the jar untuk semua yang boleh datang. Annndddd, guess what? Finally, dapat jumpa Eika or OhNudra.Hehe. Sebab dia hujung minggu, so tak ramai pun orang in SR, dah macam kita buat special booking untuk event ni.Suka suka suka.

After that, semua g rumah Ajet, lepak-lepak kejap jumpa Furqan yang cheeky tu.. Ah, rindu.. Dah i have to tumpang Gee nak balim rumah. Ok la kan, tumpang bride to be. keke. Sebab Fazet fetch me tengahari tu dekat PH. Masa we all sampai dekat Taylor, dah nampak Gee, tapi ramai lagi belum sampai, terus mintak Gee jalan-jalan tempat lain dulu. Dah la ktorang bawak belon. Siap buat ulang tayang Gee konon-konon surprise lagi bila masuk SR sebab nak take photo. Gee dah lapar sangat, cant wait semua orang ada baru nak start. Tapi sebab me and Ajet dan buat preparation meja, kena la buy time awal-awal tu.haha. Kitaorang lambat sket dari sepatutnya.

Really hope that Gee suka and enjoy it. Even dia tak la surprise sangat kan.Buat-buat surprise ok la tu.Lol.

For korang nya reference, here the games that we played.

Tagging Friends
- Gee kena describe each of us with one word. Then stick it on your baju or tudung whatsoever. Then explain why she chose that word.

Marriage Key Box
- Each of us wrote down any advise on marriage or relationship then fold it before put in to a small box. Then kita pick one by one, guess siapa yang tulis. Yang betul akan dapat token. Kita semua last day, dapat $1 setiap kali betul. After that, the box and the advise, bride akan keep. Anytime in future, she's down boleh la bace.

Face Up
- Download Apps and main je la..hahaha

Words Chain
- We just pick out one topic yang related such as things should be ready on the wedding day. So, one should start and continue with second person who has to repeat and add on another thing. E.g: Veil, Dais, Cameraman etc. Its fun!

Bride's Survival Kit
Up to you what you want to give. In small portion or small size. Something usable on the day, before or after. Eg: Straw (Bride tak boleh minum pakai cawan sebab lipstick), Plaster, make up sponge etc. or bobby pin for hair, if not for you maybe for the flower girls, the bride's nieces ke.. Of course aisya mila pun nak cantik kan..Btw, aisya mila is Gee's favourite Niece.

Last but not least,

Crown for the Bride!

fefeeling 80-an

We had fun, so much fun. Lagi fun if the rest boleh join. Maid of honour jauh pulak tu. But its ok. Kita semua share gambar. hehe.

Ok babes, nanti kita share about the bridesmaids pulak. After the wedding la pulak kan.
Gee will be taken on this coming 30th April, 2016.


The bridesmaid :)

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