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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


who is he/she?..i'm totally no idea..i dun know him/her..i dun even know his/her name?..never see him/her..HE'S a stranger!!!


we smiled
we asked
we talked
we shared stories

we walk together
we eat together
we sing together
we spend time together

we laugh over silly things
we cry over complicated things

but, they are 'was'

we solved together

we managed together

when you and I..
is We

Yes, we care we concern
because we are friends!


we smile
we talk

we are still friends...
You and them..
I and they..

We are strangers again!


p/s: heart turns into pieces when sometimes i know that smile is faked.. that words are lied..dun worry, u just stay coz i'm the one who gonna step back..i am..still and always..


Suria Pelangi .. said...

First time we'hv met, I came to you as a stranger, later as fren, sooner still and alwayzz be your bestfren nadz, not as a stranger again nadz.. Chilll BFF.. huhu..

nadz_teyn said...

nope and never be...saaaayannng Cuya!!

nadz_teyn said...

nope and never be...saaaayannng Cuya!!